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Velcro Hair Rollers

Velcro Rollers

With velcro rollers, you will find it easy to style your hair, because hair stays on a velcro roller.

When the job is done, tuck your velcro rollers away in their own handy zipper storage bag. The bag prevents the rollers from sticking to each other and everything else.

Velcro rollers in a bag are available in 12 sizes, in packages of two to six rollers each, low price

66 mm/2.50"  2 per bag
54 mm/2.13"  3 per bag
48 mm/1.88"  3 per bag
44 mm/1.88"  4 per bag
40 mm/1.50"  4 per bag
36 mm/1.40"  5 per bag
32 mm/1.25"  6 per bag
28 mm/1.10"  6 per bag
25 mm/1.00"  6 per bag
20 mm/0.79"  6 per bag
15 mm/0.60"  6 per bag
13 mm/0.05"  6 per bag



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